AwA'ahdah! K'udzuudah Language Workshop

February 23, 2014

The first Eyak Language Workshop of 2014 in Anchorage was k'udzuudah! At least 30 people took part, including 8 children, and attendees came from far and wide.  One Eyak flew in from Tucson, a few made the snowy, treacherous drive from Valdez and we had two "Skypers" joins us - one from the Mat-Su Valley, the other from sunny New Mexico.  AwA'ahdah to ALL who came to the workshop to learn even more about the Eyak language and way.  Besides speaking the language,  Eyaks had a chance to do some language modeling in front of a microphone and in front of the camera.  You'll start seeing some of that work very soon in the Talking Dictionary and the new eLearning Lessons. You'll want to check out some of the photos at our new GALLERY link.  

An event like this takes a lot of planning and a whole lot of help from people. Special thanks to the Alaska Native Heritage Center for the generous donation of the Athabascan Ceremonial Room.  It was a warm and comfortable setting for our community gathering.  AwA'ahdah to our language workshop leader, Guillaume Leduey and to Roy Mitchell for assisting.  And, of course, we are grateful to all those who helped make this learning opportunity a reality:  The Administration for Native Americans, The National Geographic Genographic Fund, The Eyak Corporation and the Eyak Preservation Council.  Finally, AwA'ahdah to all those who put in so much extra time and effort to make the event a success - JoAnna Westmoreland, BJ Sappah, Jenna May, Garret Spargo and Laura Bliss Spaan.  We appreciate your dedication!