Introducing....the New Eyak Talking Dictionary

January 15, 2014

Looking for just the right Eyak words to say?  You can now look up several hundred entries and listen to them as well. Just click on the Eyak Dictionary link up on the menu bar and you'll have several ways of finding what you're looking for.

The dAXunhyuu Talking Dictionary is just the beginning of a long-term project to get nearly every documented word and phrase into an accessible form for people to use. There is also the goal of getting as many Eyaks as possible involved in shaping this vital tool.  You can contribute suggestions for words and phrase additions by simply sending an email.  You could also lend your voice and become a language "modeler."  The next recording sessions are set for February in Anchorage when Guillaume Leduey will be on hand to help coach and encourage those Eyaks who want to add their vocal talents to the mix.

AwA'ahdah to the National Geographic Genographic Legacy Fund and the Administration for Native Americans for the timely support that helped make this resource a reality.  AwA'ahdah to Garret Spargo and Guillaume Leduey from the project's Learning Team who put in some long hours recording and coding.  AwA'ahdah to the Alaska Native Language Archive at UAF for academic and material support. And finally, AwA'ahdah to the elders who shared their words and to linguist Michael Krauss who wrote down their words.  Because of that gift decades ago, the Eyak language has a way to be a living language today.  

What do you want to learn today?