The Project

Eyak was the first of Alaska’s endangered languages to lose its last native speaker.  Now, Eyak is about to become the first 'extinct' language in Alaska to come back to life.

The dAXunhyuuga' eLearning Place is an online collection of lessons and activities designed to help Eyak descendants, wherever they live, find ways to use the Eyak language and culture in a way that has meaning for them. For the first time ever, the Eyak people now have learning materials to make dAXunhyuuga'  (da-HOON-you-gah) “The Words of the People” a part of our daily lives.  The dAXunhyuuga' eLearning Place uses the latest in ‘new’ language acquisition methods that make learning fun and effective. This holistic approach mimics the way all people learn – by absorbing the language first and then learning to understand and speak.   You won’t find any lessons here that require you to remember complicated grammar rules and long vocabulary lists.

Who is the dAXunhyuuga' eLearning Place for?

The online materials are available FREE to everyone, anywhere in the world who has access to an internet connection.  While the materials are primarily designed for adult learners, there are activities that involve the whole family to make the Eyak language and culture an active and enjoyable part of everyday life.

If you plan on actively following the learning Journeys each week, you will want to become a REGISTERED eLearner. You'll find the simple sign up form in the first online journey.  When you are a registered user, you'll be able to login in and track your progress and you'll be able to save the favorite places where you've visited so you can return with the click of your mouse or the tap of your finger.  You'll also earn BERRIES  for every section of each journey you complete!  Each BERRY you earn is worth one more chance to win prizes in the quarterly drawings that will be held. There will also be a BONUS prize drawing in this first quarter to celebrate the opening of the dAXunhyuuga’ eLearning Place. Registered learners will receive emails to keep them up on all eLearning activities. 

Visitors will still have access to the eLearning Place, however, the entry link will always start with Journey 1.  From there, Visitors can go to the EAGLE's NEST to find links to additional journeys, games and other materials as they become available.

What Can I Learn?

This program provides a wide range of resources for learners to pick and choose from.  For many people, learning meaningful words and phrases is a priority.  They will find what they need by using the online Talking Dictionary and browsing through the lessons that appeal to them.  These learners will also benefit from the broad variety of language and cultural files will be available for download.

Those who have the desire to become conversationally fluent in Eyak will also find the resources and guidance to reach their goal.  By the end of this two-year program, these learners will be able to confidently understand and carry on basic conversations in Eyak!

There's more than words to learn about at the dAXunhyuuga’ eLearning Place. You'll also be discovering the beauty of the Eyak culture.  You'll learn a little history as well and how the past has shaped who the Eyaks are now and who they are becoming.

How Does the Program Work?

This is a self-paced program that can be started at any time.  New journeys will be added to the eLearning Place every Sunday through June 2016.  The materials are divided into sections that take anywhere from 3 to 15 minutes to complete.  Learners can also revisit past lessons.  You set your own pace and take breaks when you need to.   To get the most out of the eLearning Place, you'll want to spend a little time there every day.  Each journey is set up to take about a week to complete. There are no tests or grades, but there are challenges in the form of fun games to see how much you’ve learned. There is no homework either, but there are several opportunities to SHARE what you’ve learned with others including activities that will get the whole family involved in bringing back Eyak.   Learners will also have a chance to actively shape future lessons while the eLearning program is being designed by providing feedback to the eLearning Team.  

Technical Requirements

The dAXunhyuuga' eLearning Place is optimized for use on most personal computers that are connected to the internet using fairly recent versions of popular web browsers such as google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer or Safari.  Of course, the more up-to-date your software and hardware is, the better. The eLearning Place can also be accessed on most tablets, including later model ipads and most later model smart phones, although some features may not function the way they were designed to on a computer.  The eLearning Place is not designed to scroll, so if you have a smaller screen, you may find better viewing by adjusting the PREFERENCES of your device. Please email if you experience technical problems using the program.


Registered eLearners will be able to confidentially and securely monitor their own progress and track the materials they’ve covered as individual information will not be accessed by system administrators.  General usage statistics showing how the materials are being accessed will be gathered to assess the program’s effectiveness and fulfill grant reporting requirements. As a registered eLearner, the mail address you provide will only be used by project administrators to share dAXunhyuuga' eLearning Place news, activities and, of course, to notify you if you’re a lucky prize winner!  The prize drawings are generated through a randomized computer coding system and only the winner’s username is revealed to administrators. 

Who Created the dAXunhyuuga' eLearning Place?

The dAXunhyuuga’ eLearning Place grew out of the grassroots effort to get language learning materials into the hands of the Eyak People.  Volunteers have been working for this for several decades and, now, with major funding from the Administration for Native Americans (ANA) the dream of creating these first learning materials is now a reality.  

A committee of community members - The dAXunyuuga’ Steering Committee  - has helped shape this project, working with long-time supporters with academic, media and technological expertise to developing the learning materials.  You can read more about all the contributors by visiting the TEAM and SPONSORS link from the top menu.